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The Marathwada region is distinguished from the rest of Maharashtra State by virtue of its distinct agro-climatic conditions, soil types, topography, location, crops and cropping pattern, land holding and socio economic conditions of farmers. The problems in agriculture and allied sectors are entirely different from other parts of Maharashtra. The university has specifically formulated following mandates to cater the needs of regional agriculture and provide solutions to problems faced by farming community for their livelihood and upliftment on sustainable basis and in turn to contribute to the economical growth rate of national agriculture. To enhance the production and productivity of crops and farm animals for sustainable agriculture and improvement of livelihood of farmers. To conserve natural resources and improve their utilization efficiency for subsistence production of crops and animal produce. To conserve genetic resources and their maintenance for constant crop improvement and animal husbandry by using traditional breeding tools with aid of biotechnology To develop cost effective and sustainable technology for integrated pest, disease and nutrient management. To develop post-harvest management tools and technology for minimizing post-harvest losses in agriculture and production of value added products. To design and develop farm implements and machinery, agricultural process machineries and technology for mechanization of agriculture and proper utilization of natural resources.

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